Together We Can

Build a Sustainable SOCIETY Where All Youth Are safe, resilient & EMPOWERED


Together for Sustainability

Welcome to Sustainability Week Pakistan, where youth empowerment meets climate action and sustainable development. As a dynamic youth-led organization, SWP is dedicated to equipping young leaders with the tools and skills they need to drive positive change in Pakistan. Our mission is clear: to support and empower youth, nurturing them into the future leaders our world needs. At SWP, we don’t just work for youth – we work with them, collaborating hand in hand to create a more sustainable and resilient future for all. Join us in shaping tomorrow’s success stories, one empowered youth at a time!

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What We Do


Mentor to Act

We mentor youth to teach them the soft and hard skills needed to set up and run Local Sustainability Weeks. We promote and share necessary tools and materials to empower youth communities to act more sustainably, and to become the drivers of meaningful, impactful and positive change in the educational institutes and to be a young leader at the community level.


Encourage to Change

In pursuit of impactful change, we actively promote and facilitate collaboration by fostering a sense of community and connecting with like-minded youth and the wider public on local, national, and international platforms. We seek to amplify our collective impact and drive meaningful progress towards SDGs. Additionally, we continuously challenge ourselves to question conventional thinking


Empower to Enable

We empower youth to infuse sustainability into every facet of educational institutions and their communities, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. By championing sustainability initiatives, educational institutes and communities become exemplars of positive change within society. Through collaborative partnerships with local authorities and grassroots organizations, we amplify the impact of youth-led sustainability efforts, creating lasting change at both local and global levels.

Inform to Inspire

We ignite inspiration and foster awareness through a diverse array of activities designed to catalyze actions, spark solutions, and drive impactful change for a sustainable future. From grassroots projects to enlightening panel discussions, immersive workshops, empowering trainings, enlightening excursions, and engaging climate walks, our initiatives come in various formats, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive approach to sustainability education and advocacy.

Impact Stories

Moving from talks to action: Youth leading Climate Action

The youth has won some amazing battles in raising awareness and stressing the need to take climate action urgently. Each of the youth’s individual voices count.

From youth participation to effective youth leadership

To build forward better and green, we need to move from youth participation to effective youth leadership. Do not just work for us, work with us.