Together We Can

Build a Sustainable SOCIETY Where All Youth Are safe, resilient & EMPOWERED


Together for Sustainability

Sustainability Week Pakistan is a youth-led movement committed to youth empowerment and development. SWP train and equip youth with tools and skills to play their role in climate change adaptation and sustainable development in Pakistan. SWP is striving to support youth and to make them better future leaders. The SWP as a youth-led organization laid down its foundation on well-defined organized sets of principles, which focuses not to just work for youth but actually working with the youth.

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What We Do


Mentor to Act

We mentor youth to teach them the soft and hard skills needed to set up and run Local Sustainability Weeks. We promote and share necessary tools and materials to empower youth communities to act more sustainably, and to become the drivers of meaningful, impactful and positive change in the educational institutes and to be a young leader at the community level.


Encourage to Change

To have a great impacts, we encourage and facilitate collaboration through community building and connecting with like-minded youth and broader public at local, national, and international level. We also encourage ourselves to challenge the way we think in order to change the world we live. 


Empower to Enable

We empower students to bring sustainability into all aspects of educational institutes and also in their communities. This enables educational institutes and communities to be role models in society.


Inform to Inspire

We inspire and raise awareness through a series of events that inspire actions, solutions, and impacts for a sustainable future. The events are in various formats like panel discussions, workshops, trainings, excursions, climate walk, etc.

Impact Stories

Moving from talks to action: Youth leading Climate Action

The youth has won some amazing battles in raising awareness and stressing the need to take climate action urgently. Each of the youth’s individual voices count.

From youth participation to effective youth leadership

To build forward better and green, we need to move from youth participation to effective youth leadership. Do not just work for us, work with us.