Meet our Team

Irfan Ullah


Mr. Irfan Ullah is a passionate social and climate activist with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals in identifying their potentials to continue and share the passion of serving others. Mr. Irfan has a Master’s degree from the United Nations University Institute of Environment and Human Security Bonn. He has five years of multi-sectoral experiences spanning from disaster risk reduction, climate risk insurance, climate change adaptation and resilience, community mobilization, water hygiene and sanitation, food security and livelihoods, and from conflict triggered disasters to earthquake, flood response, and sustainable development.

Muhammad Shahab


Muhammad Shahab is an enthusiastic socio-political activist, who leads, inspires, and mobilizes the local communities specifically the youth to play their active role in dealing with different social, developmental, and environmental issues. He along with other youth activists tries to bring a positive impact in the society by managing the community to deal with the local problems on the local level and to connect the public with the local political leaders and administration. Muhammad Shahab is currently doing his Master’s at United Nations University Bonn and the University of Bonn, Germany. He possesses experience in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Relief, Rehabilitation, Emergency Management, and Sustainable Development.

Adnan Khan

Country Team Lead

Mr. Adnan Khan leads the operations of Sustainability Week Pakistan at the National level, he has studied Disaster Preparedness and Management and is associated with the global Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. Mr. Khan has held different positions across the globe within the Red Cross Red Crescent movement focusing on humanitarian innovations, youth leadership, disaster/emergency management, Climate Change Adaptation and Climate Advocacy. Mr. Khan represents Pakistan at the global think tank on “Humanitarian Innovations” managed by International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies. He is also a key member of the Loss and Damages Working Group of YOUNGO (Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC).

Taimur Khan

Program Manager

Mr. Taimur Khan is working as a program manager and leads the Media and Communication department. He is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies, monitoring media appearances, and managing media relations and the production of all marketing materials. Mr. Taimur is currently doing a joint master’s degree in Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security at United Nations University and University of Bonn, Germany. He has expertise in web designing, graphics designing, App development, and social media content creation. Mr. Taimur has been engaged in community-based humanitarian work covering DRR, WASH, Livelihood, and Health & Safety, dealing with conflict-triggered disasters like drought, urban flooding, their response, and development.

Abdur Rahim


Mr. Abdur Rahim Hamidi is a social and climate activist, he is passionate about the development in the face of sustainability science, environmental governance, and community based disaster risk reduction from local community and institutional points of view, with a focus on youth and sustainability. Mr. Hamidi is keen to create a sustainable & resilient society by bridging the gap between local communities, academia, and organizations, and mobilizing the local communities specifically the youth to deal with local level social, developmental, and environmental issues. He is a PhD candidate at Sustainability Research Institute in the School of Earth and Environment (SEE), University of Leeds. Before joining SEE,he was Research Assistant in College of Public Administration at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China and Research Associate at the National Defence University Islamabad in Pakistan. Mr. Hamidi has worked with various academic and humanitarian organization in community-based research projects relating to DRR, WASH, and Multi-Hazard Risks, Vulnerability, and Resilience.

Ubaid Ullah

Administrative Officer

Mr. Ubaid Ullah is working as an Administrative officer at Sustainable Week Pakistan. He completed MS Development Studies in a research stream of Climate Change and Development from the National University of Science and Technology. He is an enthusiastic learner with an interest in research. He has a broad experience of conducting different community-based researches and awareness, both at academic as well as professional ends. He has admirable interpersonal skills i.e., good communication combined with the confidence and ability to build credible relationships with all levels of management and staff. His passion for community services arrived out from his work in field researches. He developed an excellent skill in researches like assessing the socio-economic impacts; and analyzing climate-fragility risks and transformative adaptations.

Danish Mujahid

Project Coordinator

Mr. Danish Mujahid has an MS degree in Disaster Management and working as a Lecturer at Bacha Khan University, Charsadda. Before joining, he worked as a Research Assistant in the MOBILISE project at the Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management (CDPM) at the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. Danish Mujahid also worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer with the Pakistan Red Crescent in a World Food Programme funded project. He brings disaster management and stakeholder engagement capacities to the projects. Danish has carried out research on the systems analysis approach in emergency management. Currently, he is researching the cascading effect modeling of critical infrastructure in Pakistan.

Tuba Wasim

Financial Leader

Ms. Tuba Wasim is a financial leader of Sustainability Week Pakistan, supporting the plans and strategies for the long-term financial benefit of the organisation. She is holding a master degree of Environmental Risk and Human Security, from University of Bonn and United Nations University in Germany.
Prior to join SWP, Ms Tuba was a program officer at ELI. She supported projects of urban and rural development, awareness campaigns and climate change. She also worked as an instructor at higher secondary level.

Our Approach

Our Story

Sustainability Week Pakistan (SWP) began its journey in 2019 and spearheading a youth-led sustainability movement. SWP is dedicated to harnessing the potential of Pakistan’s youth, empowering, sensitizing, and equipping them to actively participate in sustainable development initiatives. With a focus on youth development, SWP conducts a variety of activities such as seminars, awareness campaigns, capacity-building training, and exhibitions across educational institutions throughout Pakistan. Additionally, SWP is actively involved in implementing on-ground projects aimed at creating green jobs and fostering sustainable development in various communities. Through these engagements, SWP aims to foster a culture of environmental consciousness and social responsibility among the youth, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Our Mission

Together for sustainability, we believe in youth’s power and potential to concrete solutions to the most pressing challenges like sustainability and climate change.

  • Together, we will bring sustainability to our educational institutes and communities.
  • Together, we will educate and inspire for sustainability.
  • Together, we will contribute to a world with a future for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower youth to bring sustainability into all aspects of educational institutions and also in their communities. Our aspiration for youth is to turn their educational institutions and communities into sustainability role models by taking the lead as an agent of change.